What is Primal-Living? – For me anyway, It’s about Respect, Respect for Yourself,  Respect for those around you, Respect for other living creatures, and Respect for our Planet. It’s about 2.5 million years of evolution to create a strong mind and body, and living to your genetic potential.

We now live in a society with the highest ever levels of disease, including diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer. This has slowly increased since the advent of civilization 10,000 years ago, but most of it in the last 100 years, due to more and more use of refined sugars and disastrous agricultural and factory farming practices.

Why is cigarette advertising banned, but all the foods that have caused this epidemic are advertised everywhere.

I am on a journey to better health and through my business Primal Fitness And Nutrition want you to join me by reading my articles or joining me for Personal Training and/or Nutrition consultations.